Ultrasound Repair

An ultrasound is a sound wave known to have a higher frequency than a human being can hear. For this reason, it has found its use in medicine where it is used to create images of the internal organs of a body. In particular, it differs from an X-ray which is a radiation that is absorbed by the bone while the ultrasound is absorbed by the tissues overlying the bone. This is why ultrasound is used in scanning the womb of a pregnant woman, to create an image of the fetus before birth. Over the years, the initial model which was a 1D (one-dimensional) has evolved into a 2D (two-dimensional), 3D (three-dimensional), and the transesophageal models. When an ultrasound device such as the transesophageal model is used, it is inserted inside the human body to scan sensitive organs such as the heart. However, since it is a sensitive piece of equipment, it is more likely to get damaged owing to the physical nature of the procedure and it is not quite easy to fix. Luckily, it is possible to not only fix the gadget but also to test it. You can check out some of our services on our site that elaborate more on a probe repair.

The spare parts are procured from GE (General Electric) which is the leading manufacturer of probes and ultrasound devices. There is a myriad of probe models available which you can connect to a variety of ultrasound models, whether it is the small connector, flat connector, or the standard connector. PRS has experience in repairing GE probes and since GE (General Electric) has a large share in the market, we can fix just about every model. Whether it is the small connector 3S-RS cardiac probe or the flat connector IC5-9 D endocavity probe, we have the skilled personnel and the necessary spare parts to restore your device to optimum efficiency. You can visit our site to check out some of the other models that we specialize in, here: the GE ultrasound repair.