Use Movavi Video Editor to combine audio files conveniently

Are you on the lookout of a reliable MP3 joiner which will enable you to combine your favorite MP3 files together? You might want to create a great playlist. It could also be that you need the list for a creative project. Well, whatever be you’re your purpose, you must make sure to look for a high quality audio joiner. If you are looking for expert advice, Movavi Video Editor is your best buddy to combine audio files. The Movavi software is an advanced multi-functional tool which can work on both video and audios and audio file joining is one of its most important functions. It’s easy to use and your basic computing knowledge will be enough to operate it.

Below is a review on how conveniently you can combine your audio files with the Movavi Video Editor-

Download & install

First, you will download & install Movavi Video Editor in your PC.

Upload & join music files

Go to Add Media Files, click on it & select audio files that you have to combine together. The program supports a wide range of audio formats. Thus, you can use the Movavi software to join any kind of audio file. In fact, the Movavi software even works with esoteric audio file formats such as APE or FLAC. The moment you will upload your audio files to your Movavi window, all the files will be joined together automatically & positioned on Timeline in the order you add them. Movavi Video Editor even allows you to alter the order of the files on its timeline.

Cut the tracks if you want

Do you think you will need to trim out some undesired segments from your audio files? Well, you can do that easily with the Movavi Video Editor. You will find a red marker that will help with the trimming. Just click on the file that you have to trim & place the marker at the start of the portion to be trimmed. Click on Split tab. Now, move that marker to the end of that unwanted segment. Click on Split again. Now, hit on Delete to remove the part completely.

Save the file

Do you want to convert the audio file into another format? Well, Movavi Video Editor is powered with conversion functions as well. Just go to Export, click on it & choose Save Audio file. Now, select output format & destination folder. Then, simply click on Start to commence the conversion. After conversion, the conjoined file will be automatically saved in the designated folder.

Features of Movavi Video Editor

  • Able to edit videos, audio & images
  • Able to enhance the quality of your video with transitions, and special filters
  • It can add callouts and titles to your video
  • The Movavi program can apply special effects such as Slo Mo and Chroma Key

Useful tips for users

If you want to send the conjoined audio file to someone, make sure to ask where the conjoined file will be played. The information will help you to choose the right conversion format for the combined audio file.