Use of alloys in the leather goods industry

Lead has been used widely in various industries since the 70s. Research and studies show that it has detrimental effects on the environment and human beings. The discovery prompted the formation of alloys to lessen the damage caused by lead.

Zamak alloys are one of the alloys formed. It’s made up of zinc as the base component and can be coupled with magnesium, copper, and aluminum elements. Zinc can also be used to make solder by mixing it with iron or tin. Due to the harmful effects of lead, a lead-free alloy has been formed to counter them. Different elements devoid of lead are mixed to make an alloy. Check out this link for more.

Zamak is used to produce belt buckles, shoe heels that aid the leather industry. It is also used in jewelry; a leather jacket can be designed with spikes for a punk look. A company like Metaconcept is at the forefront of making epic alloys. You can check them out here;

What is an alloy?

An alloy is a mixture of metals with an element. You can use more than one element to form an alloy. Alloying is important as the metal produced is resistant to corrosion, and the strength is right. An example is silver mixed with copper. It forms Sterling silver. Alloy retains all the properties of the parent metal.

Benefits of using alloys

Environmental friendly; Zamak is touted as one of the safest alloys; this is attributed to zinc used to make it. It does not release air into the environment saving it from pollution.

Resistance to wear and tear; An alloy is stronger as it combines several elements’ properties; this enhances its durability and hardens it against damage.

Recyclable; when the strap to your belt wears off, you replace it with a new one while maintaining the buckle. The alloyed buckle is durable and saves you money in the long term.

Versatile alloys; contain many properties. It makes them dynamic and can be useful in various ways. Leather bags are designed using chains.


  • The molten metal must not make contact with your skin. Ensure you are dressed in proper gear like gumboots, goggles, and aprons.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly under running water when you leave the workstation
  • Ensure there is sufficient air circulation in the work area. You can use an air conditioner or take advantage of free air by having huge windows.

Alloys are a big hit in the leather industry. If you need them for personal or industrial use, you can check in with reputable dealers like metaconcept for an excellent deal.