Using Your Office Spring-Cleaning Time as a Marketing Opportunity

Whatever kind of business it is that you’re running, be it a shop where customers walk in to buy products or more of an office space where clients come to consult, your frequent visitors will be amongst the people who notice the need to periodically have the premises cleaned a little deeper than usual. Your regular cleaning staff will at some point have to give way to a much bigger and deeper #OfficeSpringClean, but this can and should be used as the ideal opportunity to run one of the most effective marketing campaigns to boost sales and brand awareness, in addition to making for a team-building exercise.

Holding a pop-up sales event or exhibition

Mrs Hinch’s cleaning hacks and the products she uses are effective enough to have her becoming the deserved influencer she is, but when it comes to the required, periodic office spring clean, those can only go so far. During this big office spring clean you would need to bring in the professionals, such as having specialist store fit out cleaning from Real Cleaning, but while they’re busy “renewing” and refreshing the premises, you could hold a trade exhibition or a pop-up store with all the contents of the store moved out to the venue at which the exhibition is to be held.

The team-building element

The team-building aspect of this exercise comes into play from the point of view of involving your staff. Mrs Hinch’s hacks can come into play again, with each employee lending a hand in using her cleaning hacks to clean each item as it is removed from the store, loaded up onto the transit vehicles and transported to the site of the pop-up store / exhibition.

Not only will this event generate a buzz around your brand and perhaps bring in more on-the-spot sales, but it will have meant that your office space deep cleaning time won’t have gone to waste.

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