Venturing into the Mass-Organisation Business

I’ve always considered myself to be somewhat of a “business purist,” much to my detriment at times since it regularly has me missing out on business opportunities that are clear winners, but business opportunities I must pass up on as a matter of principle. What I mean by this is that generally I believe if anyone is going to make money out of any business, they’d have to do so in a manner which creates value for the customers more than anybody else.

This is why I’m a bit apprehensive about the financial industry and the manner in which it operates in general. I mean how on earth is it that a broker who essentially sells their service of trading CFDs for their clients on the Stock Market earns upwards of tens of thousands more than a professional such as a doctor or even a farmer, for example? This can’t be right…

I mean isn’t the service provided by the doctor more valuable than that of the stock broker? The same applies in the case of the farmer – isn’t the food produced by the farmer as a product more valuable than the service of a stock broker placing trades for you and charging you commission for each of those trades?

On the flip-side however there is indeed a lot of money to be made essentially playing the middleman within any sector of the financial industry, so for those for which this prospect proves a little too enticing to pass up on based on “principle,” I reckon there is still a of way of getting in on the action without turning over the dark side, so to say.

The answer lies in operating a mass-organisation business, which is basically just a business model which profits off of the organisation of a large group of people comprised out of individuals who generally have the same financial goals.

To give you a living example of this – people are actually doing this – there are millions upon millions of people all over the world who regularly buy lottery tickets, some of whom place their wagers online over platforms such as Now an operator of a mass-organisation business related to this online lotto betting activity would be someone who decides to solicit a few thousand of these bettors and pitch them on a model which would have each of them participating in pooled betting.

So if for example each bettor typically bets 10 wagers on the lottery, they would be encouraged to only bet nine wagers individually and then pool the remaining wager with everybody else so that more combinations are covered and the whole group enjoys much better odds of winning as a group.

Any winnings amassed aren’t just distributed as is, especially if these aren’t winnings from the main jackpot prize from matching all numbers cleanly, but are rather invested into some high-yield ventures which have the potential to bring in very good returns, much like how Venture Capitalists operate their funding models.

So you don’t have to play middleman in the sense that you charge people for products and services which they actually have no choice but to buy, even though they get very little value out of those products or services. Rather operate a mass-organisation business which won’t take any sleep away from you at night!