Vital essentials of a diaper changing station – What are the things you’ll need?

If you’re someone who has recently become a mom, the first few months of her life will be a pee-er and pooper thereby keeping you on your toes with active diaper duty. The best way in which you can successfully change diapers of your baby without having to go through much of fuss is by setting up a baby diaper changing station as it can help you ease off the process on the go. Whether it’s a desk or a stand-alone changing table or a dresser, make sure the surface is at least 36” to 43” above the surface of the floor so that you don’t have to bend too low when you have to do the diaper deed. Be sure that the legs of the table are pretty sturdy as your baby is going to enjoy her time out there. Hence stability of the table is a must. Now that you have a baby changing table, you should be ready with some of the most vital essentials. Check them out.


  • Diapers: Whether they are baby changing tables for public washrooms or for your bedroom, the inevitable essential thing that you will need there is your disposable diapers. Take them out of their plastic covers and stack them on the changing table neatly so that once she needs to change immediately, you don’t have to scramble to open the bad leaving her wiggling on the table.
  • Wipes: If you’re a new mom, you will require lots of these wipes and hence it is better for you to buy them in bulk. For the first time, you can get the box and from the next time you can just keep refilling. Such wipes should be within an arm’s reach at your baby diaper changing table.
  • Soothers and pacifiers: When you take your baby to the changing station, you should be ready to face protests and hence you have to be prepared with distractions like toys and colorful rattles. Make sure you keep such pacifiers and soothers near you so that you can immediately distract her when needed.
  • Body suits: Make sure you have a couple of cozy pairs of pajamas stored at the side or the drawers of the changing station so that the original dress which she is wearing doesn’t become messy.
  • Hand sanitizer: While handling babies, the most important thing to carry near you is a hand sanitizer as it is always preferable to wash your hands and be clean. However a squirt of hand sanitizer before changing and after changing is a must. Make sure you keep such hand sanitizers out of reach of your baby as it contains alcohol.

Therefore, if you’re getting confused about the ways in which you could handle your kid and tackle the way of changing diapers, get a baby changing station constructed just as most of the public restrooms have one for convenience of the moms and dads.