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I want nothing more to help you grow your business beyond what you ever thought it could. My passion in life is to see fellow entrepreneurs achieve their goals, realize their dreams, and feel the success of taking action in their business.


Whether you’re a fully digital company or working a brick and mortar business model, I can help you in many different ways:

  1. Leveraging what you have. If you have a specific set of skills or an exceptional service nobody else has, I can show you how to leverage this as an asset to become and expert and authority in your niche so customers come to you.
  2. Filling in the gaps. If you’re like I was, you’re stuck inside your business and you don’t know what you don’t know. I can help you gain perspective and guide you to piece together the puzzle of business. There are no problems without a resolution.
  3. Increasing your bottom line. Perhaps my greatest strength is going through your business with you from the top to the bottom to discover ways we can increase the top of your sales funnel and every step of the way so you’re maximizing every input and attaining peak output.

Consultancy Fees

You have two options when working with me.


The most common way I work with others is on an hourly consultancy fee. I charge a flat fee of $500 per hour.

To get the most out of your time with me, you will need to have your current income and expense reports, clear business model, and complete marketing plan available. If you can’t provide me, at minimum, these documents, we’re likely not a good fit at this time.


If you have a group of several entrepreneurs, are a university or learning center, or startup venture geared conference, I am available for speaking engagements up to 2 hours in length.

You’ll need to get in touch with me at least 45 days prior.

Real Life Success Stories

One of the greatest rewards I can ever receive is when a client comes back to me with their stories of success. Here’s a shining example:

A young lady came to me (let’s call her Susan) who had a magnificent business idea. She had figured out a way to take commonly needed household products and have them delivered on a regular basis, all the while utilizing bulk discounts which she passed on to her customers. In the name of saving money, everybody wins.

But she had a couple problems:

  • Cash flow was tight and she didn’t have any investor capital.
  • Her time was limited because she was completing every single task.
  • Inventory was taking up a lot of room.

We met just four times over a span of six months, and she had gone over six figures in net income in the first 8 months of her next operating year!

How? We optimized her sales process, automated her invoices and receipts, streamlined all of her work flow to electronic means, and hired out both packaging and delivery. By injecting time and thought into every single aspect of her business, she’s working less hours and more than quadrupled her income!

See the success in your own life. Take the first step. Get in touch.

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