Your Office is Where?

One of the leading questions that you are going to ask yourself when you start your own business is: Where will I do my Business? The answer will depend on a couple of different things.


  1. What type of business is it that you do?
  2. What are the cost benefits of home office versus Serviced office space?

If you are in the consulting business, one in which you go to the client’s place of operation, then there may be no need for you to outlay the expenses involved in setting up your own office away from home. If your business is one in which clients come to see you on a regular basis, then an office in a central business area might be the way to go.

Compare – Your Home


You have a reasonably sized home with an office area. It’s great not having to commute each day to work. You can almost live your business from home. Get up in the morning, coffee, shower breakfast, casual dress and wander down the hallway to your place of work.  If you’re single that might be okay, but what about if you are married and have kids? The patter of little feet outside your office area is not conducive to getting your work done. Interruptions of a personal nature are another source of irritation.


Like all offices, you will need a computer, monitor, Wi-fi internet, printer, desk, office chair, filing cabinet, maybe a whiteboard and a telephone. If you occasionally have clients, then you better add a couple of visitors chairs. You can find a full range of leather office chairs online or even buy them used and these can sometimes be used in your home if you close the office. You have to purchase all these items, and yes, they are tax deductible. Business costs that are tax deductible are great, in a way, but the reality is, you have to spend the money to buy them in the first place. If you are just starting a business, then the least money you outlay, the better

Serviced Office Space 

The days of this type of office space being a bare, vacant office are gone. Well, smart companies offering this kind of assistance for your business certainly don’t provide that level of space anymore. What we are talking about is professional business offices into which you walk from day one without having to spend any of your capital on the necessary office equipment you had originally planned to buy. The Send Business Centre in Surrey is just such a service that offers outstanding facilities.

Professional Business Centres now offer meeting rooms, storage areas, fully furnished and equipped offices of different sizes, high-speed internet cabling and the option to hire short term or long term. Imagine your business growing to the extent that you need to hire staff? If you had spent money on a small office hire for 12 months, you’re stuck. Unless you want to hire another office, which might not even be in the same building!

The advantages of looking at and considering Serviced Offices is a smart move for a new or expanding business. Even from an adverse point of view, should your business fail, you just walk out. If you had a home set up then what are you going to do with that desk, chair, computer, filing cabinet, etc.? Think about it!